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Thoughts on boat sizes

It is quite obvious nowadays that whitewater kayak models need to be available in different sizes. We decided on three sizes for most of our model ranges, which seems to be the best compromise between paddler sizes and economics. What we do differently, however, is to stretch the limits of our sizes a bit. In a nutshell, it means that the smallest of the three sizes in one of our ranges will typically be a bit smaller than our competitors' smallest sizes, and the biggest of the three sizes will typically be a bit bigger than our competitors’ biggest sizes. This means that the really small and large paddlers, who have not been catered for historically, will now have a boat that actually float them. We also design every boat to work for a wide weight range, so that the combined effect means that we can cater for a large range of paddlers with three sizes of boats.

We believe that codes indicating volume or length (inaccurately), are quite meaningless to identify a boat's size as part of a range, unless you know the full range well. So we are using the letters S, M and L, to identify the Small, Medium and Large version of our ranges of boats.

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Interesting Kayak related Articles

Interesting Kayak related Articles

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