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Kayak Fishing

Tips on fishing with your kayak.

You are welcome to email us if you have questions about kayak or float tube fishing, how to rig your kayak or float tube. Next would be our "Articles" section is a winner. We have articles coming up on on gel-cell batteries, hoop netting for lobsters from kayaks, and where to find the best kayaking options in the UK and Europe. You can also find informative and interesting kayak fishing articles about destinations, past trips, technical articles and more. One of the more popular sections if our fishing website is our "Kayak Rigging" section coming up. It shows rod holder installations, kayak carrying carts, home made powered bait tanks, and much, much more. If you need some ideas of rigging up your fishing kayak, this section should not be missed. A new section is our "Kayak Accessories" section where we concentrate on one accessory and include multiple photos to demonstrate different applications. With kayak fishing having a double digit growth rate, kayak accessory manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon in droves. We list the more commonly seen kayak accessories used today with new accessories being added constantly. We wanted a way to keep you, the kayak anglers informed of new products, and we found it here.

Advice for kayak fishing?

If you need to get information about selecting a new or used fishing kayak, we have a "Double Header" to help you narrow your search. First our "Kayak Reviews" on various kayak brands and models have been contributed by their owners. These are most often the best gauge if you will on how owners like their fishing kayaks. Some models are longer and narrower than others and are perfect for chasing yellowtail or white sea bass a few miles offshore at Cornwall. Recreational types of kayaks are also seeing an increase in use by kayak fishing anglers. In our "Kayak Models" section, you can see many of the popular models of fishing kayaks used today. Between the kayak reviews, and the kayak models section, you will get an overview of the kayaks themselves. The information is meant to be a starting point in selecting a kayak, not the ending point. The ending point is when YOU paddle various models and select the kayak you feel best suites your needs.

10 Benefits of kayak fishing

One of the first things that comes to mind is the low cost of the sport when compared to other forms of angling. For start to finish, you can buy new equipment including the kayak for as little as 800 pounds. You can usually find used kayaks much cheaper. Even if you choose to get a fully equipped kayak, the cost will be about fifteen hundred pounds. With party boat trips for a few days costing upwards of six hundred pounds, you can see that the savings from a few trips can get you going in the sport. Besides an inexpensive method of fishing, the health benefits are worth it even if you don't plan to fish. With no motor and noise, ocean inhabitants are not as afraid of your kayak as a sport fisher with the engines going. If you want to see nature close up, a kayak is a good tool.

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Interesting Kayak related Articles

Interesting Kayak related Articles

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