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Inflatable kayak's and Canoe's and non-inflatable ones

Inflatable Canoe's and Kayak's for sale from our canoe shop (all though not listed yet)  and by mail order throughout the UK and overseas.
Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes are a good alternative to rigid plastic ones.
There is a few examples; They are easy to store, transport and are lighter to carry. You will probably not need a special trailor or roof rack to transport them.

You will need to carry extra gear, like a pump to pump it up and extra patches for in case you get a puncture.
The inflatables we stock and sell are very robust and durable, but please remember to keep good care of them, don’t let them lay too long in the sun.

Saltwater over a long period might make the platic/rubber brittle.
If you are considering an Inflatable Kayak or Canoe, please take note.
1. They are not as robust as rigid plastic ones. 2. Inflatables are affected by wind a lot more,
exercise caution if using on the Sea. 3. A Bouyancy Aid should be worn at all times or a Lifejacket if a non-swimmer.
4. Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes do not give you the same performance as Plastic Kayaks or Canoes.

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Interesting Kayak related Articles

Interesting Kayak related Articles

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